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Welcome to the_sten! A community dedicated to the stoic wonder that is Sten from the Bioware RPG Dragon Age: Origins. (Winner of Spike TV's VGA for Best RPG of the Year, 2009!).

In addition, as of January 2011, this community is also other-Qunari friendly! Thoughts about the Qun? Post 'em here! A Qunari character (other than Sten) catch your eye in one of the games, and got fic to share? Post it! Basically, if it's related to the Qunari people/culture as a whole, it is welcome here.

Community Info
  • What's allowed? If it's related to Sten or the Qunari as a whole, then please feel free to post it here! This includes: fanart, fanfiction, icons, fanmixes, fan videos, challenges/contests, meta, questions, and/or discussions related to Sten or the Qunari.

  • Since the game is rated "M", it can be assumed that some of the content here will be for mature audiences only. As such, this journal is marked "adult concepts." Adult content is therefore allowed, but please follow the rules below.

  1. Absolutely NO CHARACTER BASHING. Character discussions are fine, but leave the drama inducing stuff out, please. Everyone has different tastes.

  2. Fanfic should ALWAYS be behind a cut tag. Story info/author's notes are fine out side of a cut, but the main body should be behind one. Not sure what a cut tag is? Go here to learn more.

  3. When posting icons/graphics/fanart, please be sure to use a cut tag. Previews are fine (~4 icons, or a scaled version of the graphic no larger than 300x300), but anything large should be behind a cut.

  4. All requests should, of course, be Sten or Qunari related.

  5. TAG YOUR POSTS! Community tags can be found here.

  6. RATE YOUR POSTS! Community rating info can be found here. (This is most important for fanfiction, but may be applicable for fanart as well.)

  7. Because the game is rated for mature audiences only, this community is listed as "Containing Adult Concepts," even so, if your post contains anything overly-graphic in nature, please be sure to tag the post appropriately. All NSFW content must be placed behind an LJ cut; if your post links to a NSFW site, please indicate as such in the main potion of the post.

  8. Regarding other community promotion: The community you are pimping must be Dragon Age related and each community can only be pimped ONCE. The mods reserve the right to delete any duplicate entries.

  9. Regarding Spoilers! DA2 and the first DLC pack Legacy have been out long enough now, that we are no longer going to be monitoring posts for spoilers. However, when it comes to speculation regarding upcoming DLC or future game releases, please be polite to members who wish to remain spoiler-free, and keep all discussions under a cut (and mark appropriately). If we notice any abuse/ignoring of this rule, the mods reserve the right to place the community on moderated status.
Posts not conforming to the above listed rules are subject to deletion.

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Other Items of Note
  • As always, make sure to give credit where credit is due!
  • Got a Dragon Age related community or website, and want to be an affiliate? Let me know!

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